Watchwell Security

Watchwell Global Security Limited

Watchwell Operates in accordance with our core values and stated below

  • Proactiveness :

We place high premium on intelligence gathering and good profiling and surveillance which places us one step ahead of criminals.

  • Alertness :

We believe in training and retraining to continuously imbibe in our workforce the mental alertness that will not only make them to notice an abnormal situation or character but to act immediate to deter such from carrying out their evil plans.

  • Courtesy :

One of our strongest selling points is the culture of politeness that we bring to work facility while interfacing with your customers to complement your customer care efforts.

  • Uniqueness :

We pride ourselves in the ability to recognise the peculiar needs of our client’s operations which guides us in the choice of most effective fits for job specification and placement. We do not believe in one size for all syndrome.

  • Team Spirit :

We are strong advocates for working as a team and mutually respecting and tapping into the ideas and untapped creativity of each person in the team. The kind of synergy in 2+2 that produces more than 5 effects instead of just 4.

  • Integrity :

We believe in walking the talk and that’s our commitment to our clients. Our word is our bond.

  • Passion :

Because we know that the difference between success and failure is the degree of passion exacted therefore we made it a point of duty in our stressful selection process to go for people with the passion for the job and we need to see it demonstrated in the process. Even in difficult times such as we are right now the passion of of working team have always saved the day.

We put an end to the following in your property :

  • Theft of consumables and your movable assets
  • We stop uninvited visitors with no genuine motive but more or less on reconnaissance missions to your facilities.
  • We put an end to unaccountable movements with your vehicles by watching them even in motion and giving you reports of all places visited.
  • We put an end to discrepancies in asset movement between offices with accurate documentation of movements between offices and locations.
  • We demonstrate the hallmark of proactiveness which is vigilance and alertness that puts us one step ahead of criminals.
  • We prevent leakages and respond to threats in record time.

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